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All of our apartments have direct access from the outside, providing physical distancing.

Arrival and reception of customers

  • Installation of a Plexiglas distance screen at the reception desk.
  • The hotelier will wear a mask.
  • Guests will be greeted one by one, while respecting the instructions of distanciation.
  • A note of the measures taken and to be taken by the guests and the hotel-keeper will be given to the guests.
  • Handing over of the keys - without contact and a disinfected key ring - and an indication of how to find the apartment and how to move in without the hotelier.
  • At the departure of the guests, the payment will be made only by credit card and the pinpad will be disinfected after each guest.


  • Cleaning will not be done during the stay for less than 8 days. Beyond that, it will be done every 7 days or at mid-stay in compliance with the special COVID-19 hygiene rules which will be specified to you on arrival.
  • If additional linen (towels, sheets) are required, they will be handed over without contacting the hotel staff at the door of the apartment.
  • The hotel staffwill not enter the apartment except in very special cases such as an urgent repair.
  • At the end of the stay, the guest will hand over the keys to the reception without contact. The keys will be disinfected and stored until the next arrival.
  • Guests and staff will be instructed to respect the distance of people in all areas of the establishment.
  • The swimming pool is open with respect of the measures of distancing and prohibition of regrouping.


  • There will be no breakfast served in the dining room.
  • TAll our apartments are equipped with kitchenettes.
  • A breakfast service in the apartment will be possible. A platter will be placed in front of the apartment entrance and will be taken out at the same place by the host once the snack is finished.
  • All hygienic measures will be taken in the kitchen for the preparation of the trays.

Meal , lunch

  • Guests use the kitchenettes to satisfy their dietary needs.
  • Waste must be disposed of by guests in the designated areas in the village.

Special health precaution

  • As far as possible, the apartment will be kept vacant 24 hours after the departure of the guests and after cleaning and disinfection of the occupied premises.
  • The next guest will have this information.
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